Launched in 2001
PL pISSN 1642-3593
PL eISSN 2080-3397
Ecohydrol. Hydrobiol.

In 2001 Polish Academy of Sciences launched the international journal of ECOHYDROLOGY & HYDROBIOLOGY. Currently the journal is published jointly with Elsevier, the world's leading provider of science and health information.


ECOHYDROLOGY & HYDROBIOLOGY is an international journal that aims to advance ecohydrology as the study of the interplay between ecological and hydrological processes from molecular to river basin scales, and to promote its implementation as an integrative management tool to harmonize societal needs with biosphere potential.

The journal will publish high-quality science aimed at increasing the understanding of water–biota interplay in all types of ecosystems and exploring how this knowledge can be used to regulate hydrological and biogeochemical processes to enhance the carrying capacity especially of anthropogenically modified ecosystems. It includes original research papers, reviews and short communications, as well as thematic issues.

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